Meet Alli! | New Prague Senior Photographer

Alli is a Class of 2015 New Prague Senior representing Olivia Wagner Photography!


Part of my job as an artist is deciding which outfits would look best where, what pose, and how the final edit of the photo should look. Alli’s session was a perfect example of this. Each of these outfits could have been captured simply with her smiling and maybe a cute little pose such as her hand on her hip. But to me, each of these outfits gives off its own vibe and deserves to be photographed combining every artistic element. In the world of senior photography, I truly think styling is what sets photographers apart. I don’t view senior photography as just smiling snapshots of each outfit. I strive to let the fashion create the tone.

Get to know Alli!
What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ultrasound Technician

What is the very first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery?

A jeep wrangler

Mac or PC?


Favorite store to go on a shopping spree:


What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?

A good book, my bed, and girl scout cookies

Which movie can you recite every line from?

A Cinderella Story

Celebrity crush?

Miles Teller

What is your favorite place on Earth?

My cabin

I’ve always wanted to try _________________. (fill in the blank)

scuba diving

You couldn’t pay me to __________________. (fill in the blank)

swim in a pool of worms

If you’re an upcoming New Prague senior and want to book a session- mention Alli’s name and you’ll receive a complimentary set of 24 wallets! ($95 value)

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2014 Seniors!

Senior season is in full swing! In case you don’t follow my facebook page, I’ve been posting lots of great sneak peeks! Here is a sampling of them. In case you didn’t know, seniors are my favorite and I have some amazing clients lined up this year! I’m still booking 2014 seniors so please contact me if you’d like to get on my schedule!


I’ll be posting full blog posts of each senior very soon!

115,104,97,114,101,32,112,111,115,116,58:tsop erahs