My boys | Croquet photo shoot

It’s been a long time since I posted! It is my busiest time of year and my goal has been getting galleries and weddings out in time so the blog has been sadly neglected. I finally had the chance to get out and photograph my boys. I am constantly buying them clothes and they pile up begging to be photographed so tonight I finally had time to get out and do it. Photographing for myself is always so stressful! I wish I had an assistant along just to calm me down. I can get so worked up because I plan the shoot in my mind for weeks and miraculously expect everything to go perfectly. Tonight we fought mosquitoes and I only had about half an hour’s worth of attention span but I think I got a few framers! We’re currently doing a lot of home renovations including moving my office downstairs so I am excited to have some new photos to put up on the walls!