Gabby | LeSueur Henderson Senior Photographer

I had such a great time with Gabby! It was a privilege to photograph her and we had so much fun!

If you’ve been a blog follower you know that I have not been a good blogger this summer/fall. It’s always a busy time of year and my priority is to my clients and getting their galleries and orders out on time. I feel like I sound like a broken record but truly, October is for photographers like April is for accountants. It is all coming down to the wire and everything is due all at once. I appreciate everyone’s patience and know that I am working day and night to get things done.

In exciting news… we are taking a family trip to San Diego in December! My cousin booked me to photograph his wedding and we’re making a week long family trip out of it. My boys will see the ocean and fly in a plane for the first time! It’s going to be amazing. When we get back there are talks of possibly getting a dog or puppy. Exciting stuff!

If you’re on Instagram and not yet following me, my name is “oliviare.” I’ll be posting lots of trip photos and loads of other personal stuff you may or may not want to see.:)

Without further adieu… the beautiful Gabby!

p.s. Once I get caught up with work- I still plan on blogging all of my summer photo shoots and weddings so stay tuned! Don’t give up on me yet.:)