Farm kids.

Earlier this month I spent some time in rural Wisconsin visiting my good friend Tara. These photos haven’t made it to the blog yet but they are too cute to pass up! My friend Tara recently embarked on the adventure of raising their own cattle so I had to make a special trip to check it out! My visits with Tara are few and far between but also very chaotic! Between six kids (two toddlers), we somehow try to cram in haircuts, photo shoots, and quality conversation and it always ends up being a little crazy. We always daydream that someday we’ll be able to have some one on one time and do some real catching up (perhaps on beach with margaritas?). For now, we’re just both busy moms but still manage to find time for each other.We had some fun in the Buffalo River splashing around. Thanks to these awesome sand bars, I was able to jump in the water with the family and play too! I will post more of these photos as I get to them.I love you friend!