Courtney + Blake | Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

My husband and I took a road trip out to Colorado in October. It was my first time visiting, other than an airport layover through Denver. The mountains are incredible and I now feel like they’re part of my soul.:)

Although it was short, we had a great visit! We got tickets to the Vikings-Broncos game and hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was amazing! During our stay, I met with up one of my 2014 wedding couples- Courtney and Blake. Courtney, a MN native, recently moved out to Denver earlier this year and she was so helpful to me as I planned our trip. I usually love to research travel but I was so busy and had zero time. Courtney helped me tremendously by letting me know all of the great hiking trails and areas to visit. I was so excited to shoot a session in the mountains and her, Blake, and their adorable rescue pups were the perfect subjects!

Their session was shot at the Estes Park Marina and Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. I can’t wait to go back… and this time, bring along my boys so they can experience the beauty.

Early October was a beautiful time to visit. The aspens were at their golden peak and the Elk were in rut. The scenery was so beautiful!

Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park:The trails in RMNP were amazing. These views were incredible.Bye Colorado, I’ll be back soon!

Summer family mini-sessions!

I’m happy to announce July summer mini-sessions! I know I haven’t had my family photos updated in a few years so I know this can be a great push to commit to a date and get them done!

I realize that trying to pick a summer date can be difficult because everyone is very busy trying to make the most of their summer. If neither of these dates work for you, please email me and I will do my best to make another date work for you!


The Legacy Session | The Anti-Selfie

Let’s face it. We live in a world of smart phones and going forward it’s only going to get worse. It’s pretty incredible if you think about how much technology has changed in this past century vs. others. My husband’s grandmother for instance. She’s 93 and often told me stories about her mother storing their perishables in a cold spring because they didn’t have a refrigerator. No refrigerator! Now take a look at the world… we get mad when our handheld computers (a.k.a. smart phones) don’t load fast enough. She has seen me on my phone Googling something and remarked at how incredible our little devices are. Our phones are so incredible that they have now taken over our lives as our cameras as well. When is the last time you took a photo with a camera that did not also double as a phone? Unless you’re a professional photographer like myself, cameras are a thing of the past. Heck, I don’t even take out my “real” camera unless I’m working. Not even for my own kids!:(

My point is since nobody is using real cameras anymore, the quality of our portraits have gone downhill FAST. Gone are the days of even posing for someone to take your photo. Everyone either takes selfies using the front of their camera or mirror selfies! What will our children and grandchildren remember us by? A picture they somehow dig out of your phone (yeah right) and it happens to be a photo of yourself flexing or doing duck lips. Nii-iice. Is that how you want to be remembered? So- not to sound all morbid, but let’s talk about after we die. I’m going to die, you’re going to die, we’re all going to die. I bet if you dug through your family heirlooms, you have a beautiful photo of your grandmother or great-great grandmother that you hold very dear. Maybe she has a certain expression or was captured doing something she loves. It is how you remember her and it is now a beautiful piece of art. I pity our generation and all of the crappy photos we have of ourselves.

I’d like to offer something new! Think- adult senior photos! These aren’t just a simple business-type head shot, but a photo that is artfully captured by a professional. Me! One of my favorite things about senior photography is when a senior has a true passion and wants to incorporate it into their session. Sure, this can be done very cheesily by some, but I like to take the time to observe and truly try to make a beautiful art piece.

Are you thinking, well I don’t have a passion! Sure you do! Think about what you care about. It could be as simple as drinking coffee. I can turn coffee into art!

There are a million little passions that we have if you take the time to think about it. Fitness, gardening, sewing, baking, a love for animals, shopping, music… the list goes on! I’d love to get to know what energizes you and capture you doing it! You will have these photos forever and be able to pass them down to your kids! Your kids will have something to remember you and will remember you doing what you loved.

Maybe you’re thinking that you’re in your 30′s or 40′s and too “old” to be captured. Well, you were once in your 20′s… wouldn’t you love to have an awesome photograph of you while you were in your 20′s? Now that you’re in your 40′s, someday you’ll be in your 60′s thinking the same thing. Man, I wish I had a picture of myself captured in my 40′s! The point is, it’s never too late. We will always keep getting older. Capture the PRESENT!

Here’s how it works! You book a session with me and you let me know what you would like me to capture! If you can’t figure something out, I can help! If you’re thinking, well, I just love being a mom and would want a picture of me with my kids. Yes, that’s nice, but this is about YOU. As parents, we do so much for our kids. Let’s let this be about us and our legacy. I’m so excited! I hope to hear from you!

Remember… don’t just “think” about doing it. Do it!

Red Wing Church House | Red Wing, MN vacation rental

We had the wonderful opportunity to stay at the Red Wing Church House in Red Wing, MN recently. The co-owners are wonderful people and photography clients of mine. The church was originally an 1880′s Lutheran church which was converted into a 3,000 sq.ft. rental home. It comes with a full kitchen, washer/dryer, 2 full bedrooms, 1 full bath with separate clawfoot tub/shower, TV lounge, fireplace, gaming area with pool/ping-pong table, and a loft area with additional beds for sleeping. We had two separate stays, one with my immediate family, and another when we recently threw a 40th anniversary surprise party for my in-laws. It’s the perfect rental for a large group and it is located just a few blocks away from historic Main St. in downtown Red Wing. I can’t recommend this place enough and we’re lucky to have experienced it! My boys absolutely love the big open space to run around in and it’s such a cool place to play an awesome game of hide and go seek when it gets dark. It really is the perfect, relaxing getaway!

Annual BLACK FRIDAY sale on 2015 family sessions!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Once again, I’m offering a terrific deal on family sessions booked anytime in 2015. These family sessions must be booked in the year 2015. Please plan ahead for the busy months of August- October. I have a full 3 months of high school seniors so if you’re hoping to get a fall color family session for early October and you contact me the week before- chances are that I will be booked! I suggest planning at least a month ahead during those busy months.

Email me to book a session! Just $100 down now locks you in! There are no exclusions for family sessions- it can be immediate family, or if you want to get all of your siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, etc. together and do an extensive family portrait, that works too! I also offer lifestyle type sessions such as capturing your family in your home or doing your favorite activity. If you can dream it, we can do it!